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Sell more with psychology

Boosting Sales the Smart Way

Spice up your sales techniques with a pinch of psychology and a whole lot of practical wisdom, and watch the magic happen!

Why Our Brains Love Symbols

Have you ever noticed how a simple symbol or an emoji can speak volumes? It’s fascinating, right? Our brains are hardwired to recall and connect with symbols far more efficiently than words. This phenomenon isn’t just interesting; it’s a powerful tool in the realm of communication, especially in the dynamic

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5 Behavioral Barriers That Are Costing You Sales

Imagine walking into a store, your eyes gleaming with anticipation, but then… something stops you from making a purchase. Ever wondered why? Well, that’s what we’re unraveling today. Let’s explore the five behavioural barriers that might be holding your customers back. Trust me, understanding these can transform your business approach!

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What is new is Sales Psychology

I’m always keeping an eye on the latest trends in sales psychology that can help me and my clients boost sales performance. Recently, I’ve been fascinated by some new trends that have emerged that could really shake things up. In this article, I’ll share my thoughts on these trends and

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The C Type: Understanding Analytical Personalities.

In this final post of our “Sell more with psychology” series, we’re focusing on the Conscientious personality type, or the C Type, who are analytical, detail-oriented, and value precision and accuracy. By understanding their behavior, communication style, decision-making process, and buying motivators, you can tailor your sales approach to connect

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